I was born in Biarritz, France (born there because my mom was 9 months pregnant and vacationing) and raised in Berlin, Germany to an American mother and German father. I grew up speaking German and English and this was reinforced by attending the John-F-Kennedy German-American bi-lingual school where half the teachers were Americans and the other half were German. I loved riding my skateboard and bike around Berlin but also played soccer and basketball.

When I was 19, I moved to the Santa Fe, New Mexico with my Mom and brother. None of us had ever lived there before but my mother liked New Mexico for its natural beauty and art scene. 2 years later I moved to Las Vegas to attend UNLV and have been in Las Vegas ever since. Initially, I majored in Fine Arts but wanted to have something that combined art with something more technical so I switched majors to Marketing and then Management Information Systems, which is ultimately what I got my degree in. During that time I really got into programming and web development, which is a really fun and exciting field to be in.

I'm married to my wonderful wife, Lianna, and we're constantly planning our next travels and adventures together. We recently had our first son, Henry, and he's a lot of work but a labor of love ;).

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Personal Motivation, Philosophy Ramble:

I'm a self-starter, somebody that's better without a strict script or well-defined job description. I prefer immersing myself into my role and discovering areas to improve, exploring new opportunities and reinforcing already established strengths. Team spirit and cohesion is one of the things I value the most and there's no better feeling than working within a team and looking around your work environment and seeing that mutual trust and admiration. Years of playing soccer and basketball have taught me the amazing synergies that can happen when a team is on the same wave length.

I believe you can learn from every experience and therefore I expose myself to as many different experiences as possible. I take smart short-cuts not so I can do less, but so I can do more. I believe in being genuine and acting with integrity and those are the characteristics I look for in friends as well as coworkers. I'm constantly dreaming and imagining but solidly grounded with how much effort it takes to realize those dreams. While my track record reflects much of these values, I'm humbled daily by what I don't know and the mistakes I've made learning what I do know.